Indigenous Knowledges and Open Education

Last week was #OEWeek22, and I was fortunate to attend some really interesting events discussing open practices. However, I wanted to highlight one event in this blog post that really opened my thinking. It included a panel from the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library on Indigenous Knowledges and Open Education. The panel problematized open education for prioritizing […]


OER Commons for Educators

As Abbey Elder and Stacy Katz point out in their chapter, Repositories and Tools in The OER Starter Kit Workbook, it’s clear there are many tools and repositories for finding open content. So, how do you know where to turn? My advice is to identify resources that support your needs. For example, Unsplash provides images […]

Interrogating OEP Open Pedagogy

Intersections of Social Justice and Open Pedagogy

This past week, my “Open 4 Social Justice” class reflected on Lambert’s (2018) social justice aligned definition of open education. Discussion ensued about critically examining open educational practices from the lenses of redistributive justice, recognitive justice, and representational justice, with a question posed about which of these is the most important? While we all tended […]

Open Pedagogy

Building Trust and Openness in Open

Clearly, there is a lot of value in sharing resources and ideas with others through open educational resources (OER). While the benefits are well-established (Weller et al., 2015), the act of sharing your knowledge with the world can seem intimidating and risky since you are sharing a part of yourself with the world. It can […]

Open Education

Open, Adapt, Learn

The 5R’s of open provide a helpful reminder of the affordances of OER. I know I can reuse these learning materials for my own purposes and share these materials with others by redistributing them, so they can be very powerful learning tools. However, I think that the “R’s” that are less discussed are the most […]

Open Education Thoughts about Openness

What does “open” mean to me?

When I think about the word “open,” I’m immediately drawn to a personal quality and value that I desire to uphold, transparency. I want to be seen as someone who is honest and authentic. I strive to be transparent with my failures as well as my successes and share how I do things so everyone […]

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